Brigadier General Md Habib Ullah, SPP, ndc, afwc, psc, MPhil

Chairman, BISC, Nirjhor, Dhaka Cantt

I feel honored and proud to be the Chairman of a newly raised English institution, BISC, Nirjhor. I always wish to see this institution at the pinnacle of its success. For well-being and the better future, I would like to convey my following thoughts to all members of this institution:



  • Must practice lessons from child psychology.

  • Be proactive and cordial in teaching.

  • Appreciate achievements, accept mistakes and motivate positively.

  • Focus to prepare patriotic, loyal, honest and industrious citizen.

  • Reduce educational stress of students.



  • Respect martyrs of the Liberation War.

  • Respect parents, teachers and people.

  • Smile always. 

  • Participate in all activities of the school.


  • Look after the welfare of teachers, students and guardians.

  • Be sincere to institutional discipline and security.

  • Focus on green environment in the school.

  • Try to reduce educational expenditure of students.




  • Reduce educational stress at home and do not burden your children with your ambition/ longings.

  • Monitor your children to save them from indulging into drugs, religious/ social extremism and anti-state activities.

  • Focus to prepare your kid to be a good human being rather than a scholar.

  • Encourage your kid to participate in outdoor games/ sports and spend time with them.

  • I would appreciate your endeavor to convey my message to all. It would be great to see you believing my words by heart and nurturing my thoughts. May the Omnipotent bless us all.

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